Raj overcomes

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What a book to read during all the current protesting. Although the main character is Indian American, he has been made to feel that he doesn't belong. He attended a mostly white junior and senior high schools, he was bused in from the darker side of town. Most of people he grew up with were people of color. This is important later on.
Raj Bhatt teaches at a California university. He lectures on Cultural Anthropology. He has a white wife and two children. He's a member of a private tennis club, and this year he is on the membership committee. He dearly wants to darken the membership, so he overjoyed when one of the couples applying is black. Unfortunately for Raj, when he gets emotional, he also gets flustered and not really in control of his words. In front of the otherwise all white committee, he makes a comment not suitable for such an audience.
Thus starts the week from Hell for Raj. Some of his students start a protest about his teaching syllabus, calling him a "reverse racist" who hates whites. They want him fired, something easily done because he is a lecturer, not a professor. He's getting the silent treatment from other members of the tennis club. The school his boys attend want to suspend the oldest boy because of a doddle. It all culminates in, well, if I tell you that, you'd have no need to read the book yourself. I strongly suggest you add this book to your "woke" reading list right away.