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This was really a 3.5 almost 3.75 star read for me. Sameer Pandya creates a interesting story where reverse racism comes to play. The story focuses on an professor Raj Bhatt (born in Bombay) him and his white wife Eva have moved back to CA where Raj has become a Anthropology professor. Eva has grown up in this area and is thrilled to be back. Her and Raj have joined a club that Eva has grown up being a member of. Raj is clearly uncomfortable and in his attempt to "fit in" he winds up making a racist joke. This joke creates a waterfall of events that threaten to ruin Raj's life.

I really really REALLY liked Raj and I really felt bad for him with everything he was dealing with after the joke. Raj is clearly a kind soul who was oblivious to how the joke was taken and paid dearly for it. He has experienced racism himself, and it broke my heart to see him be accused of the very thing he has experienced himself.

The author did a fantastic job of making us think and developing Raj through out the book. I don't think I have ever read a book that dealt with reverse racism and it opened up my eyes to different situations. My only complaint was that it was tied up a little too neatly and a little too quickly.