Nerve Wracking

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Members Only is a book that follows Raj in one of the works weeks of his entire life. Everything that could go wrong goes wrong.

Raj is a man who immigrated to America as a child with his family and has lived here for the majority of his childhood and all of his adult life. He’s now working as a professor at a college in California with his wife and two sons. Along with being a professor he also is a part of a small country club and enjoys playing tennis. Due to Raj being from India though he has faced many microaggressions over the years due to the color his skin, and throughout the week we get to spend with him we see them, and what has led him to be in the situations he is in now.

Overall I did enjoy this book. Not gonna lie though at times this book was extremely nerve-wracking because of the subject it covers and the multiple different ways each scenario could have gone that would have ended in complete disaster. Pandya did such a good job of showing us what was happening to Raj and what he was dealing with that I was genuinely afraid for Raj multiple times throughout the book. The situations he was in were scary ones, especially towards the end of the book. They were all handled well and showed the way things can spin out of control without you being able to fix them before they get to the point of no return.
I’m looking forward to reading more books by Pandya in the future.