Incredible Novel Exploring Racism

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MEMBERS ONLY follows Raj Bhatt, an Indian man living in the United States with his wife and family. While interviewing new couples for the tennis club they’re a part of, Raj makes a racist joke in an attempt to connect. Later in the later week, some of Raj’s college students accuse him of reverse racism.

Sameer Pandaya has done a wonderful job exploring the everyday racism that exists in our lives. I found Raj to be a very likable main character, and that made it even more painful as I watched his story unfold.

It was so frustrating to see (mainly white) people constantly discriminate against Raj, while also wildly condemning him for his small errors. I have thought a lot about this novel since putting it down, and I highly recommend it. MEMBERS ONLY does an expert job at examining this complicated topic. I think it will be especially enlightening to white readers like myself, as it made it so painfully obvious how each small act microaggression combined creates a much larger problem. I highly encourage you to read this novel!