I really enjoyed it!

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Raj is an Indian man who is not sure how he fits in at his exclusive tennis club. He is the only person of color and everyone else including his wife is white. He is often met with microaggressions and the people in the club don't understand how biased and racist their comments are to Raj but he just let's it slide. Another couple of color comes in to the club and asks to join the club. Raj is very excited and in an effort to relate to the couple he uses a very offensive word. The entire club committee turns against him thinking they are "woke" and not realizing how prejudice they have been to Raj. Also, Raj finds that his students seem to think he is some "reverse racist" because of his teachings and anti-American ideologies. His students protest and refuse to attend class and have a sit out until Raj apologizes. This book takes you on a wild ride of how quickly people can turn on you yet still avoid their own misdoings. It also gives great insight to how media can be manipulated into fitting ones agenda. Fantastic read!