I liked it but I won’t read it again.

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Here’s what this book is about:”First the white members of Raj Bhatt's posh tennis club call him racist. Then his life falls apart. Along the way, he wonders: Where does he, a brown man, belong in America? Raj Bhatt is often unsure of where he belongs. Having moved to America from Bombay as a child, he knew few Indian kids. Now middle-aged, he lives mostly happily in California, with a job at a university. Still, his white wife seems to fit in better than he does at times, especially at their tennis club, a place he’s cautiously come to love. But it’s there that, in one week, his life unravels. It begins at a meeting for potential new members: Raj thrills to find an African-American couple on the list; he dreams of a more diverse club. But in an effort to connect, he makes a racist joke. The committee turns on him, no matter the years of prejudice he’s put up with. And worse still, he soon finds his job is in jeopardy after a group of students report him as a reverse racist, thanks to his alleged “anti-Western bias”.“

I won a physical ARC of this book from Bookish First. I like that this book gave me a lot to think about and it sounded interesting. I also felt bad for Raj. I also like how this book ended. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that it was slow paced. I had a hard time getting through this book because the chapters were so long. I thought this story was good but it’s not a book that I would read again.