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Talk about a book being relevant to the times we are all in right now! This book hits the topic of racism right in the head. Members Only is a book about racism, living in white america, and trying to juggle everyday life while struggling to maintain friendships. This books central character is an Indian man. Born in Bombay, he is a professor at a college in America. A remark is made by him that is taken way out of proportion and hes deemed a racist, or a reverse racist by his students even. The books central theme is racism but it's also about how one comment can change the outlook of someone's life and how they have to try to make amends for something that was meant to be funny or something that was taken the wrong way. This book is witty and funny and the characters are developed in a remarkable way where I got attached to them and thought of them as real people. That's the whole point of a book, right? Making it seem realistic and being relevant. Great read.