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Members Only is the story of anthropology Professor Raj Bhatt and the trouble that ensues when he makes comments that turn his world upside down. Raj inadvertently becomes ostracized from the Tennis Club he belongs to when he makes a racial slur in a poor attempt to connect with an African American couple applying to the club, and in the same week makes a comment to the students in one of his classes that makes him an internet sensation and almost costs him his job. The story centers around Raj, his family, and how he begins to understand the feelings of unbelonging that have plagued him since he moved to the U.S as a child.

I thought Members Only was a really decent read. The writing was fantastic at several points, and I thought the novel offered insight into not belonging, racism of various kinds, and white privilege. I found towards the end that I couldn't put the book down. That being said, I thought the ending was a little underwhelming. It was sweet, but I wanted it to go further. I guess I found it a little too abrupt. But I think the novel was interesting and worthwhile, and I'd recommend it.