Tips, stories, and theology neatly combined

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In Making Your Marriage a Fortress, Gary Thomas offers yet another fantastic faith-based resource to couples of age any. He starts with a statement of fact that few of us would willingly look in the eye - your marriage will be challenged. By life, loss, finances, time, deception, illness, injury, raising children, or any number of factors and events, both internal and external. The key is to make your fortress strong *before* the catastrophe hits - you can't effectively weatherproof a house that already has floodwaters seeping in. Each chapter offers a hard hitting look at common challenges, with stories of how real couples have recovered from dark situations to come out stronger together, plus the Bible passages, theological and therapeutic concepts, and practical tips to back up the anecdotes. Regardless of how long a couple has been married, there is bound to be some point of personal connection here, and hopefully this book will give them to tools to work through it before the storm overtakes them.