Really great!

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I was so happy to have received a copy of this book in the bookishfirst giveaway. I have not completely finished it, but I think this book is so insightful. It gives a lot of really good biblical counsel that I had never learned before and some I simply needed a reminder of. My husband and I have been married for almost three years now and those three years have come with a lot of ups and downs. This book came at a great time where we aren't in a bad place but in a place where we need encouragement. This book was just that. We want to build a strong godly marriage not only for ourselves but for our future children as well. I think the author really did a great job of making the readers feel understood where they are and helping them along with Scripture. The self-pity has no place in marriage was very impactful for me. I feel like a lot of times we can get stuck thinking about what is hard for us personally and not what is difficult for the other person. This book was really well thought out.