Practical advice that a variety of married couples will find useful

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*First of, thank you to author Gary Thomas and Zondervan Publishing for the copy of "Making Your Marriage a Fortress" this review is based on.

As a married Christian who has experienced the loss of a child, this book spoke to me and addressed issues I face in my marriage currently. The first chapter focused on how the husband's MS diagnosis forced the couple to grow in the faith and change their expectations and outlook on their marriage. As I continued to read, each chapter focused on a different marital issue through the experience of a married couple. Financial crisis, infidelity, long distance separation, sexual intimacy, and other issues are discussed.

I also appreciated that the author made a point to say that if you are experiencing this issue in your marriage, this advice is not for you and should not be followed for your situation.

Overall, I feel that Gray's book will be usual and informative for the Christian reader who is looking to fortify their marriage.