Good for Christians..!

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I initially found myself intrigued by this book as someone in a relationship. I hope it will lead to a good marriage, and I hoped by reading books of this nature early, I could better prepare myself for a good relationship. However, I felt that this one... just wasn't for me.
The book provides some good advice, as all relationship books can do, and most do. Relationships are flexible, ever-changing, and there is no one size fits all. I like that this concept was acknowledged to some degree in this book. However, I wish I had known before reading some of it that it was focused mostly on Christian relationships. As someone non-religious, and not familiar with the author, I did not know that this was focused so much on having faith and God in a relationship.
Overall, I think this book has lots of valuable input. At its raw truth, it is right- there is a lot to weather in a relationship! And therefore it gives a lot of good advice regarding all the circumstances somebody may face. However, I don't know if it's the ideal book for someone who is not religious or not a Christian.