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I'd like to believe that my marriage is working and does work. Even still, I think that it's always something that needs to be worked on and with that takes education and knowledge. Routine becomes a big thing and that is good when it's good and dull when it's not. I welcome all reading experiences that can help my marriage stay on the right track.

This book covers the experiences that marriages face that can be quite difficult and it teaches couples how to face those experiences head on and get through them. This is done via actual couples and their own personal experiences. I can't say that I have faced every scenario that is mentioned in this book, and I don't know if my marriage ever will but it's great to read about them and to make mental note should those experiences ever come into play. I still found the book thought provoking and helpful and well worth the read. Gary Thomas is great at giving powerful help and messages that can be incorporated throughout life.