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Magic was the one collectable card game I did not play. I enjoy many of the cards as art, but I never got into the game. Not that I don't play these types of games. I enjoyed playing Babylon 5, X-Files, Star Trek and a couple of others, all of which used the same basic game play started by Magic. This book runs over those rules briefly.
The Unofficial Ultimate Collector's Guide is filled with color pictures of cards, examples of the changes in printing and art in many of the cards, lists of the various sets sorted into common, uncommon and rare, and current values if you want to buy or sell. That is a lot to put in slightly over 500 pages. The author includes all the sets from the beginning of the game back in 1993, which is a lot of cards.
This encyclopedia of Magic cards is a great guide for both player and collector. While the book does not give you strategies of play, it does tell you what cards are available.
I won the copy of the book I used for this review from BookistFirst.