Big Little MAGICAL Lies!

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Wow! I really, really enjoyed this book! I've seem blurbs calling this a grown up Harry Potter or a great book for Harry Potter fans. So of course this made me really excited to check the book out! And then reading the synopsis... a magical, murder mystery! Get out of here!! So I was most definitely intrigued!
And I have to say this book did not disappoint! After reading it, I would say it's not so much a grown up Harry Potter but a The Magicians meets Big Little Lies. And oh boy did that combo make for one great story!
Ivy is a PI, but not a mage like her sister. She knows about the magical world so she gets roped into investigating a death at a nearby magic school.
This story was just so well written. I couldn't put it down. I liked the characters. It was well written. I wanted to find out what happened!
If this book sounds remotely interesting to you, you should definitely check it out!!