Space heist!

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This story starts with Ava breaking her partner Shane out of high security prison so they can get back to their heists. (Obviously she is successful otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a story!) Ava is headstrong and able to take care of herself. She is confident in being able to get what she wants. Shane won’t admit it, but he’ll do anything to protect Ava.

There is actual death shown on page and killing – which isn’t something I see often in YA, so that was a ‘nice’ change of pace. Shane isn’t afraid to pull a trigger.

Then on the flip side of the law we have Cyrus, fresh out of flight academy and assigned a good position reporting to a well-respected general. He abides by the laws and will do everything in his power to uphold them for the good of all.

Their paths intertwine and we see that maybe not everything is as cut and dry as it’s made to seem on both ends of the law.

I’m very iffy with my space stories, I couldn’t tell you what exactly is the thing I don’t like about them, but I can tell you I did like this space story! Some stories set in space create too many words/names/places and it gets confusing. Thankfully, Made of Stars never felt that way. There was just the right amount of made up names and words that it wasn’t overwhelming.

I’m also generally not a fan of political stories, but I could get behind the political unrest in this one – setting things in space automatically makes them better.

This story started out really strong, then somewhere in the middle it lost my attention. While I did like jumping between the point of views of Ava and Shane, and then Cyrus, it was also a little confusing at times not knowing where we were for a moment. It was hard to keep track of how much time had passed throughout the story.

It did pick up again towards the end, but I will warn you now – this ending is very open ended and I’m already looking for a sequel – which I don’t think is coming. As I was nearing the end I realized there were very few pages left with a lot of loose ends – and unfortunately most of them don’t get tied up. We are left with more questions than answers.

The romance between Ava and Shane was very slow burn and felt awkward at times. I wish it felt more natural. There is also an unexpected romance with Cyrus which I was rooting for throughout the story, and I will say this – unexpected LGBTQ+ rep which seems normalized in this timeline, which I love. I wish there was more on his romance rather than a few sentences.

Overall this was a fun space heist story but I was left wanting more from it. Still, I will read whatever Jenna Voris writes next as I enjoyed her writing style!