Pretty good book!

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I really did end up liking this book. I thought there were some parts that were slow. I can't really decide if I wanted more world-building because honestly it kind of took me while to understand how the world worked. I'm not sure I entirely still do fully get the world. I also thought that the romance was not quite fully developed. I think in general that was the book's downfall for me. It did not fully commit to what type of book it was. If it was a romance, than the world not being fully developed then that's not a big deal. However, the romance we only got the see in tiny snippets without any emotional development between characters. If it wasn't a romance, then I needed more from the world and the background stuff. I also think trying to follow all three main characters with lots of time jumps made it also feel like I could have seen more. I did really like the relationship between Ava and Shane. I liked the whole Bonnie and Clyde thing as well. Overall, I loved the concept and the characters I just think it was slightly underdeveloped in all areas to make me love it.