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Had the pleasure to read this early and it is absolutely phenomenal. The world! The angst! SO FREAKIN GOOD. Get ready to fall in love with best bad boy! and every other character too--each so complex and memorable
^ I agree with this person, not only is the plot and topic good but it also kept me reading and engaged in reading because if the development of the characters themselves.
A phenomenal sci-fi flavored dangerous romance, the main characters were wonderfully realized throughout. The book was paced very well and the ending both surprises and leaves you wanting for more.
^ Another agreement from me. It's also a good book to just step into sci-fi with! Goodness there is just so much to say and too little words!
A daring and dazzling YA sci fi adventure that had me on the edge of my seat and craving more. This "Bonnie and Clyde" style book was so enjoyable and the characters were all unique and endearing.
^ Always love a crime partner book!