I love the characters already!

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I hadn't heard of this book at all until now, but I absolutely love the title and what I read. Bonnie & Clyde inspired space opera? Oh my god. You get a taste of how Ava and Shane pull off their heists, which was an exciting way to open the story. And then we're introduced to Cyrus and Lark, which is where I completely fell in love.The reveal that they were in a simulation was an amazing introduction, and the fact that they're just-graduated, rival co-pilots who're tasked with taking the outlaws down: yes please! I love everything about their dynamic, and it means a lot that they're queer too. I'm already biased toward their side, but I love that both the "good" and "bad" guys have POVs in the story. I can't wait to read more!

The cover design is really nice, though I think it could've popped more if some different colors were used.