Thrilling whodunit with great setting!

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This book really just blew my mind. Jade is about to go on a trip if a lifetime that she has dreamed about for her entire college career. Campus on Board (CoB) will allow her to travel to many different countries via a cruise ship while still receiving her education. Jade goes into the experience with trepidation because the trip was originally planned with her ex-best friend Lainey who suddenly cut contact and started dating her ex-boyfriend Silas. However, this looks like a great opportunity to start fresh and start moving forward. Jade doesn’t get the fresh start she’s looking for when Lainey and Silas are both students traveling with Campus on board. Jade hopes to get some answers that she’s been looking for when Lainey disappears and the cruise ship becomes a crime scene.
As a character Jade really does develop and change throughout the book, but overall she was way too self centered to be enjoyable. She only cares about herself and doesn’t think too much about how her actions will affect anyone else. The side characters give more life to the story and really ground the insanity. Although the murder mystery was a little unbelievable at times, it was a really thrilling plot line with a great setting. I didn’t guess one of the biggest twists which makes it a well written story in my opinion! The ending was bittersweet and something I wasn’t expecting. Overall a really great and entertaining read! I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.