Lying in the Deep

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Lying in the Deep was a gripping tale of love, betrayal and murder. The plot was well-crafted, with unexpected twists and turns that kept me engaged until the very end. The characters were complex and intriguing, each with their own secrets and motives. The author's writing style was descriptive and vivid, painting a clear picture of the setting and atmosphere. It leaves an emotional scar on those who read it with its twists and turns However I must say that the character does seem a little bit self centers, not to undrmine what happened to her and the audacity her ex best friend Laoney and her ex boyfriend Silas had especially to continue to see each other but there a murder at hand one of which she’s th email suspect so i would say that she need to focus on the bigger deal at hand, but overall its a good read and I would recommend to friends and people who like murder mysteries.