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This book was so so good. I feel like it was a tad bit triggering for me in the family aspect due to my own family issues but the story over all was beautiful and i love the cupid type spin on it. But the artwork is so well done i want to be able to draw like that one day. My favorite part if the story was when love conqured qll and he went to find her. I have been with my one true love for almost five years after fighting demons of my own for so long and it put faith back in my in general for true love. The grandme would be my favorite character though she is so cute and i feel like the sweet cinamon roll character that you can go to for and situation you are in. I also love how the culture is a big part of the book with the line dancing and how it emerswd in the culture like it did i feel like i learned more then i knew before going into the book. I love the friendship to even with the fall out and they came back together it was heart warming.