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The sneak preview of this graphic novel immerses readers in Val's world, a character disheartened by love and burdened by a family history of heartbreak. A chance encounter with adorable lion dancers injects a glimmer of hope, prompting questions about breaking the family curse. The narrative unfolds with a skillful mix of romance and mystery, successfully engaging readers and leaving them eager for more. The last page introduces a promise of a chance at love and a lingering uncertainty that forms a gripping cliffhanger.

As someone venturing into graphic novels, this sneak peek not only captivated me with its narrative but also showcased impressive artwork. Val's emotional journey is enhanced by the visual storytelling, making it an enticing prospect for graphic novel enthusiasts. The blend of romance and familial curses adds a unique flavor to the storyline, leaving me with a strong desire to delve into the complete work. This sneak preview has piqued my interest, and I'm excited to add this graphic novel to my TBR list. Thank you for providing a glimpse into this intriguing world!