Wait I Actually Liked...

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I thought I'd hate this because it was a graphic novel, but I gave it a try:

Entitled "Lunar New Year Love Story," this captivating graphic novel, crafted by Gene Luen Yang and LeUyen Pham, intricately weaves together the symbolic essence of these two cultural celebrations, forming a tapestry rich in contrasting perspectives. While embracing themes of genuine love, it also confronts the shadows that loom over the lives of refugees and immigrants in transition, imbuing the narrative with an epic quality that delves into the complex, poignant journeys of its vividly portrayed characters.

Central to the story is the lion dance, a revered Asian tradition synonymous with auspicious occasions such as New Year festivities, weddings, and grand openings. This ritual serves as a poignant backdrop to Valentina's introspective odyssey into matters of the heart. As a young Vietnamese American grappling with the fear of repeating her ancestors' romantic missteps, Valentina embarks on a transformative journey, guided by various incarnations of St. Valentine—her namesake, bestowed by her parents to commemorate her conception.

Throughout her quest, Valentina encounters manifestations of St. Valentine, ranging from the whimsical Cupid to a malevolent spirit tempting her with Faustian bargains, and ultimately, to the historical figure of the third-century Roman saint known for his compassion towards persecuted Christians. As these encounters unfold, the narrative intertwines themes of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery, offering a multifaceted exploration of the human experience against the backdrop of cultural and supernatural symbolism.