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This book is about Valentina who has always love Valentine’s Day - she was named after it, after all. Cupid visits her as an “imaginary” friend and inspires her to do kind things for her friends and her dad on Valentine’s Day. That’s until high school, where things go weird and she decides she’s done loving Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine comes to her and tells her not only is her family cursed in love, but that she will be too, and basically tries to get her to hand her heart over now to avoid future pain. She still has a little faith and they end up striking a deal - if Valentina doesn’t find true love in a year’s time, she’ll hand over her heart for good.

Other than that ghostly aspect, otherwise the book just follows Valentina through a year, as she finds out more about her culture and her family’s past, and as she learns to lion dance. She also meets cousins Leslie and Jae, and between the two boys, she might even find love in time to prove St. Valentine wrong.

I loved the storytelling, the story itself, and the art style. It was super compelling and had so much heart, which is something I sometimes struggle with with graphic novels. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone