Since an amazing graphic novel!

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I loved this graphic novel! Lunar New Year was so wonderful! I’ve never read a graphic novel before so this was my very first and I was a little apprehensive to be honest. But once I sat down and started reading it, I didn’t stop until I was finished! It definitely sucked me into the story and the world. I am so happy that I gave this book a chance when my interest was wavering in the beginning. It did not disappoint! I am definitely going to buy any and everything by these authors from here on out! The story was top notch, the art work was flawless! If anything I wish it had been longer but I know it was the perfect size! I have been recommending A Lunar New Year to EVERYONE I know! My family, friends, coworkers, I’ve even ordered a few copies for a few people. I am so thankful to for introducing me to this amazing book! I never would have discovered it if it hadn’t been for them! Thank you so much!