Nostalgic and inspirational!

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The feels, the graphic design, and the beautifully depicted culture and traditions with the help of supernatural forces and representations, In my opinion, put this book over my expectations! First let me say thank you for the copy I received, it is beautiful and helped immerse me in a world of emotions and complete understanding with a side of resonance. I thoroughly enjoyed the visuals as they would elaborated the scenes of Valentina’s life and love life. The phasing through life portrayal was beautiful to follow and kept me completely engaged and wanting to see the next eventful moment of Valentina’s life. For instance, the revolving relationships that hit to close to home, the overwhelming emotional ties, the hopes and dreams, and the obvious balance of energies that the otherworldly forces wanted to present and represent helped me understand the characters life style choices. Valentina and her story are strong for what they portray and I am so pleased I was able to read and become part of the journey!