It gives you the warm cozy feeling after reading it!

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Thank you @bookishfirst and @secondfirst for this wonderful copy!

My daughter’s review: I really adored this graphic novel because it has such a sweet, cute and supportive love story even though it is also fantastical. I’ve read some cute love story graphic novels but nothing can compare to this one. This one offers a different perspective of how life can be different from one to another. This is about Val and Jae meeting at the most unpredictable time. They are so perfect for each other because they express each other’s feelings in positive ways. Additionally, the story embraces Asian-American and Western cultures dealing and fighting against all odds. The fate that came to Val with Jae melted my heart and honestly the story is more k-drama and I love it! To you guys—this graphic novel is an easy-read, cute and it is a feel good story!