I loved it!

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I’m a sucker for anything with Gene Luen Yang’s name on it so I immediately jumped at the chance to read this one.
The story centers around Valentina as she wrestles with the question of whether or not love is worth the risk of pain. I liked that it wasn’t just about romantic love but that it also touched on love of family, friends, self, culture and even dance. There is an aspect of magical realism throughout the book, which isn’t usually my preferred genre, but I enjoyed it and I thought it worked well with the story.
The plot meandered a bit, it probably could have been told in far less pages, but I was happy to spend more time with the characters and enjoy the beautiful artwork. I loved how the story and the art flowed so well together.
Lunar New Year Love Story has heartfelt storytelling and lovely artwork making this book well worth the time spent reading it. I will definitely be rereading it in the future.