Graphic Novel, Yes Please

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I want to start by relaying my thoughts on the cover. It is cute and well-designed. That's what initially drew me in.
I haven't read a graphic novel since I was in middle school, and let me just say, this one was pretty good. I liked the idea of St. Valentine, homemade valentines, and deciding that that shouldn't stop in high school. I thought it was rude how the character was treated just because she did that.
This was a cute little graphic novel. The illustrations were top notch and what I think I would have pictured in my head: cutesy, little, dramatic faces...just perfect.
What I didn't like was the confusion. I didn't know which directions to read the bubbles, but even when I figured that out I was still confused. Eventually though I was able to work through it.
This is a must read if you like graphic novels, cutesy romance, and pink bc there's oh so much of it.