Beautiful Graphic Novel

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Don't walk, run to get this graphic novel.
It's not just a sweet graphic YA novel. It's a moving story about family, love and maybe even destiny.
I love the influx of Asian authors and the true tidbits of culture that are scattered even in fictionalized books.
Valentina is a character that you're going to love. Raised by her dad, she finds herself with a skewed view on love, until a certain Lunar New Year.
Jae is a character whose dad passed away. I wont say how he meets Val (when he's with his cousin). But I will say that their connection seems like fate.
The graphics are great. The story had me so riveted that I couldn't put it down. it might sound weird. But this (while being a good read for any time) is a good New Years read.
If you're looking for an adorable coming of age tale filled with young love, loss ( of different kinds), good storytelling and art? You found it.