Awesome , it was gripping.

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It is an amazing book. The writing style was awesome. The graphics and the way characters are designed are beyond words. The story transition is exceptionally gripping. At first, I did not expect the way the events would unfold. To sum it up, the way the events are turning surprised me. This is the author's first novel I have the privilege to read. I can't wait to complete the novel. Moreover, more than Valentina I love her father's character. It is the little things that made me like him. For instance, the way he supported her for having an imaginary friend. Most of the parents don't support that. The way he happily accepted the cards that Valentina made for him. However, I did feel bad for Valentina, the way she got to know about her mother's begtryal. It is the first impression of the novel that I read. I don't know when it will be available in my country.