A Sweet Lunar New Year Romance!

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4/5 stars ⭐️

-This was a really sweet contemporary YA graphic novel about love, family, and a touch of the supernatural!
-I found the story to be really unique and original! I hadn’t ever read anything quite like it before! Everyone in Val’s family is fated to experience doomed romance, but can she change her destiny?
-I also loved the art/colors used in the book! Absolutely stunning and a perfect art style for the type of story this was!
-Also loved seeing aspects of various Asian cultures included in the story: there is Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese rep in here!
-The lion dancing moments were so beautifully depicted 🦁
-The book also addresses some stereotypes about Asian people/cultures in thought-provoking ways - such as the incorrect assumption that someone who is of Vietnamese heritage must therefore be fluent in the Vietnamese language, etc.
-Overall, this novel was a really fun, thoughtful, and unique take on a love story (including both romantic and family love) 💖
-And can I just say I LOVED Val’s grandma!! She made me laugh out loud sooo many times 😂
-P.S. also loved the wedding cake scene 😆 (If you read it, you’ll know what I’m talking about - that guy got what he deserved lol)