A magical graphic novel collaboration!

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In Valentina’s family, romance has always led to suffering and she fears that she is destined for the same fate. So when Saint Valentine suggests that Val give him her heart so he can keep it safe, she agrees … but bargains for one year to prove that her fate can be different from her family’s. When Val meets ultra-charming Leslie Liu through a lion dancing performance at a Lunar New Year’s festival, everything is absolutely perfect - at least, it looks that way on Les’s Instagram feed. Val worries that something is missing from her relationship with Les, and maybe it’s because her heart actually belongs to another lion dancer. Lunar New Year Love Story is divided into twelve chapters, each representing a month of the year, and each chapter has a color theme that corresponds with the feng shui wheel. There are so many levels to unpack and adore in this love story about family, friendship, and - of course - romance! No matter the temperature outside, this graphic novel will melt your heart!