A cute and vibrant graphic novel

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Well this was cute 😍 I really enjoyed it. The story is about Valentina, a high school girl who grew up with an imaginary friend Cupid (who wasn't very imaginary), who ended up being an evil spirit that haunted her family by taking their hearts. Valentina has 1 year to fall in love and break the curse.

I absolutely loved the artwork of this graphic novel. It was gorgeous, colorful, and detailed. I really enjoyed the exploration of both Korean and Chinese culture, and how distinct they both are. Getting to spend so much time with the teens learning Lion Dancing was so cool. I loved seeing Valentina fall in love with the Lion Dancing and how it brought her self-confidence and healing.

There seems to be a through-line of forgiveness, with the focus being on Valentina's relationship with her parents. I wish this had been a little more developed.

This one is super light-hearted, even even addressing themes like abandonment and feeling hopeless.

Overall, I'd recommend.