Holiday HEA?

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Based on the fact that Gene Leun Yang and Leuyen Pham are co-author's, I've wanted to read this graphic novel since it was announced. Add in that it's about finding love for/around Lunar New Years, I was sold.

The first look has me interested. I love a story where they hook you on something you used to love, but for one reason or another it's something that no longer brings you joy. That it might actually bring up bad memories.

I also like the use of the colors. Those first two pages with the dark/black evoke a sadness/heartbreak. But when we move to Valentina's joy for Valentine's Day, it moves to a pink/red which we associate with love and happiness. As she's becoming cynical, the colors move to a a green and moody air.

Then the way the first impression sample ends? How do I get my hands on more pages immediately? Need