This book is soooooo Good!!!!!!

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I have been following The Minimalists for a while since watching the first show on Netflix and then again, watching the second show on Netflix as well. Since seeing those two programs and listening to The Minimalists' podcast, I have found so many of their principles and ideas very important to me and I have enjoyed moving towards a sense of minimalism in my own life.

This book is a fundamental piece of The Minimalists' ideas and does not disappoint! I love how this book really focuses on people and relationships and why/how we do not really need to focus on stuff (which is a hard principle to get to if you are not used to it) and how we need to or should focus on how we work with people and why people are more important in our lives. I love this concept and am so glad that The Minimalists decided to write a book on this to help influence us more and show us what is truly the important parts of life.