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This book came at such a great time. I moved into my currant home two years ago. At some point I got tired of sorting, unpacking and put it off until recently. I've been trying, little at a time to get rid of junk that has followed us from home to home over the years without ever being of any use.

While this book does bring in a deeper level of relation to things we hold onto and our personal relationships or traumas that aren't as relevant to me, it still spoke to me in other ways. For example, all the things we hold on to because we are CERTAIN we are going to need them someday. That "someday" may or may not ever come, meanwhile, those items are cluttering up our homes. We then feel the need to spend additional money on organizing and storing said items. It's a vicious cycle.

This book helps put into perspective, the possible reasons for hanging on to items and how to go about "letting go".