Much more than decluttering

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I confess I was not familiar with The Minimalists prior to reading this book, but now I will seek out their podcast. I expected this to be another guide to decluttering, and it is, but it's so much more than that. It's more of a life guide, encouraging people to avoid the pitfalls of acquiring the debt that so often accompanies stuff.

Self-help is not a genre I usually read, but this book is easily readable and contains a plethora of valuable information, offering life lessons on treasuring what is most important (hint: it's not stuff). Both authors of this book achieved significant success without expensive college degrees. The pitfalls of student loan debt are just one topic they address. Along with the text, worksheets and questions for further reflection are provided. They also address the proper use of social media. #LovePeopleUseThings #CeladonBooks