Minimalist Living: How You Can and why you Should

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This book is all about the idea of minimalist living, which seems to be a popular concept these days. The authors reveal their person experiences going from materialistic and unfulfilled to living a minimalist life with an emphasis on gaining freedom, experiences, and satisfying personal relationships. Much of the advice will probably sound familiar to many people. For instance, determine what is truly essential in your life, focus on the important things in life rather than the material ones, be aware of all the costs associated with owning items to determine which ones truly add value, and keep only those things that do actually prove useful to you or that in some way add value to your life. They do veer into territory that I wouldn't necessarily expect, such as revealing a personal battle with addiction and a divorce. Each chapter focuses on a different concept, with a closing summary of the main points. I didn't find much that was groundbreaking or insightful or that I hadn't heard before, but it is a decent book.