Loved It!

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This was a really good deep dive into minimalism and it addressed a lot of the issues our society has with constant consumerism. There are some practical tips and advice for living with less and it goes about in a non-preachy, but informative way. It is more of a mindset switch from what do I need to buy to feel fulfilled to what do I need to spend my time doing to need to be fulfilled. They also stress the importance of removing distractions and focusing on the things that are meaningful to you! This is a very important book to read if you are looking into a more stress free lifestyle, looking to downsize or looking to be more aware of what you are purchasing. I also like how they don't act like you are doing a disservice to the planet if you have a couch and you own more than one bath towel. Overall, I really liked this book and would recommend it to people looking to start a journey into minimalism.