Life-Changing Book

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In all seriousness, this book changed my life. It taught me what are the things to value in life. Throughout the book, I saw myself reflecting on the person I was before reading. A hoarder who had things piled in a closet just in case I used it at any time. After reading, I only have things that add value to my life. On the other hand, I also have restored other aspects of my life. Money, relationships, creativity and self. This book does a really good job in guiding me to figure out what things I need to work on. I am usually not the type to read self-help but this book got me thinking differently about what self-help books should be. A guide for a better you. I plan to keep supporting the authors and read this book whenever there is a bad time in my life. I recommend anyone who is struggling to find value in their life to give this book a read. Whether it is getting rid of stuff or having a smart purchase, the advice here is gold.