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- the pandemic really showed us just how important human connection is
- should work on creating a new normal that focuses on living intentionally rather than excessive consumption
- “our memories are not in our things; our memories are inside us”
- stuff, truth, self, values, money, creativity, people
- it’s about so much more than “decluttering”
- gifting experiences rather than material possessions
- food, exercise, sleep, and sunlight as medicine
- “on some level, we are all lost. how could we not be? we’re a crowd of amateurs standing on a giant wet rock that’s hurling through infinite, ever-expanding space.”
- the whole retirement savings crisis blows my mind … 1 in 4 americans don’t have any retirement savings
- some comments rubbed me the wrong way a bit but i found the overall message intriguing and enlightening
- i will certainly be incorporating some of the recommendations into my lifestyle