I'm Adding This One to My TBR List!

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I've read a number of declutter-themed books through the years, but none have really changed the way I do things. This book, however, feels like it may be the one that strikes just the right chord and leads me to rethink and revise the things I allow in my life! From the opening story of the married couple and the shocking end to their clearing-out work, to the straight-forward writing style and approach to the topic, I can see many things lining up to guide toward real change.
I appreciate the introduction to the three categories, or "piles", that our items belong in - Essential, Nonessential, and Junk. It will be interesting to take this simple separation and apply it to the overwhelming amount of stuff in my household. I look forward to reading more Minimal Rules for Living with Less, as I believe the author will continue to share things clearly and without judgement.