I liked it a lot!

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This is much more than simply a book, this masterpiece is an eye opening experience. I find that its really easy to often times forget about our main goals and just be content with money or things, which should never be the case. Life is such a beautiful thing and we often forget to cherish the people surrounding us. This book has a really deep message which i think resonates with a lot of people. Because no matter what your skin color or gender identity we all want to be happy in the end and cherishing the people around us will often leas to that. This is a book i think more people should read. After finishing it i immediately lent it to my friend who is in love with living your life and philosophies and she loved it as well. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to find life’s purpose i guess or who doesn’t know what else to do to try and achieve happiness. You should totally go read this book!