Greats tips on relationships and downsizing

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This book definitely left me with some thoughts on dealing with downsizing some items both mentally and physically. It also talked about the relationship between people and our “stuff” and how it can effect relationship ships with others. It has plenty of tips and even has sections at the end of each chapter to help you reflect and work our steps to enact what you have just learned. At least for me, there were a few sections that I did not feel that the two ideas, downsizing and relationships, worked well together. Both great on their own but they did not flow together as a chapter. A specific example being chapter 2 where the tips at the end where great but I did not feel that they went with what we had just read. The only disclaimer I will give is the one that the authors give them selves that this is a book about relationships and not downsizing though it does have some tips on it!