Enjoy life and reduce the clutter!

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When I picked this up, I thought it would just be another of those books that encourage people to get rid of all the clutter in their homes. I'd never heard of the two authors before, Joshua Fields Millborn and Ryan Nicodemus, but apparently they have a large following. After reading the book, I can see why.

The book begins with Joshua’s story of how he went to his mom’s house to pack it everything up and move her things to a storage unit after she passed away. When he looked under her bed, he noticed boxes that had been sealed with tape. Curious about them, he opened one only to discover papers that he had done in school. It was one of those light bulb moments. She had saved these because of the memories she had, but never looked at them again. He canceled the moving truck and the storage unit, sorted through her things and kept a few for himself getting rid of the rest. Then he went home and got rid of a lot of his own belongings. The act made him feel freer than he had in years.

After that experience, he told his friend Ryan about what he had done, and a movement was born. This book is actually more than a book to help you get rid of clutter—although it does cover that. It’s also about enjoying life more and who doesn’t want that?