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Love People, Use Things comes off as more of a memoir than a Minimalism/Self-Help book. While I had initially been hooked in by The Minimalists with practices of a de-cluttered lifestyle and simpler living, Love People, Use Things felt like it went on a waaay different tangiant- many, as a matter of fact.

Which brings to mind the flowery writing and various dips relationships, growth, creativity... Despite the book's advertisement, they are rarely correlated to the Minimalist lifestyle. It makes me wonder whether or not we really need all these books in regards to minimalism? Are they just another piece of clutter for me to feel guilty about afterward?

The book itself was not bad, I just feel that it was a bit unfocused and advertised poorly. I do still appreciate The Minimalists and what they have to say.

**I would like to offer a "Thank You" to BookishFirst and the publisher for allowing me a gratuitious copy.**