A Book of Profound Insight

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Love People, Use Things did not disappoint! I expected a how-to with step-by-step instructions on how to minimize clutter to reduce our stress and time spent de-cluttering to allow more time for relationships, but I took away so much more! The authors, Joshua and Ryan, drew me in with their life stories and experiences as well as sharing other peoples' experiences throughout their journey into minimalism. The book started out with a preface on pandemic preparation, which after spending a year and a half in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I could immediately relate.

The authors kept my engagement by frequently drawing on peoples' experiences and how they approached the task of living with less. The authors provide step-by-step approaches and ask the reader to dive deep into the thoughts and reasons for their actions and really encourage you to change your ways.

I love that the focus is not just on minimalism but also spends some time on approaches to reducing debt, which is also a leading stressor in life. I couldn't agree more with the author's intent to reduce material possessions in an effort to reduce the time de-cluttering and allowing for more time on the important things in life: people and our relationships with people.

This book seems to lend insight into what we all should focus on: less stuff, more depth! We should invest our energy on relationships not consumerism. Love People Use Things is a book well worth reading!