Sweetly romantic in a very charming way

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Kate Clayborn is known for the very realistic way in which she writes her characters and situations, and it's in fine display with Love at First.
Both Will and Nora have many sides to their personalities and quirks that all play a part in how their relationship develops over the course of the story. It's not just a simple tale of falling in love between two flat charaters, you get to experience two very different people find the things that bring them together and opening themselves up to a wider world in the process.
Will's background is painful to say the least. He really doesn't know what it is to be loved. So when he meets Nora, who loves openly and fiercely but doesn't want anything to change in fear of losing that love, we have two sides of the same coin. We know they're perfect for each other, but we also know that they'll need to take some knocks before they actually admit it to themselves, let alone the other. It all plays out with them surrounded by interesting, fleshed-out characters that add to the story and help each of our heroes realize that they really are meant to be.
It's at times fun, at times sad, always charmingly romantic.